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The World’s Best-Selling
Construction Toy!

The world’s best-selling magnetic construction toy! Build in 3D like never before with magnetically attaching pieces in a variety of colors and shapes. A safe quality toy that is loved around the world. While it is fun and easy to pick up and play, Magformers will also challenge your creativity and structural intuition!

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Always Attractive!

With built in rotating cylindrical Neodymium magnets, Magformers pieces always attract no matter how you put them together. These strength of these special magnets also allows you to build amazing structures and shapes.

Safe for Children
(And for parents)

Made from a special high-quality non-toxic BPA-free ABS plastic designed specifically for Magformers, our pieces are very strong and will not break easily even with reasonable abuse. In addition, our magnets have 48-hour anti-rusting qualities. Unlike the many counterfeit products on the market, genuine Magformers have been manufactured with the safety and edutainment benefits of children as utmost priority.
P.S. With the most of the pieces being flat with rounded corners, accidentally stepping on Magformers won’t be too painful for the pieces or your feet.

3D Edutainment Toy

Educational benefits include development of 3D spatial thinking, structural intuition, creativity and inventive mindset. More advanced sets include motor, remote control, LED lights, sound recorders, gears and more providing STEM education benefits.

We are the exclusive distributor of 3Doodler, MAGFORMERS, Makey Makey and NAO in Thailand.
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