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Makey Makey

The invention kit that brings
the digital world out
construction toy!

The invention kit that brings the digital world out into our world! Turn everyday objects into touchpads for everything from easy DIY projects to advanced interactive systems! You’ll be amazed by the magical things you can make with Makey Makey!

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Unlimited Possibilities

What will you make? A water piano or a fruit DJ set? What about plants that talk or art that sings? Coins that control online games or clay that commands a robot? You can do all that and more with Makey Makey!

Everyday Materials

You can use fruit, plants, water, soap, ketchup, clay, pencil graphite, paint, coins…anything that can conduct electricity!

Absolutely Safe

Makey Makey uses FCC compliant resistive touch and uses less electrical charge than what your body experiences when walking on a carpet so it is very safe.

Online Projects, Lesson Plans, and Community

Take a look at what people around the world are doing with Makey Makey and share your cool inventions. Join the Maker Movement and bring your ideas to life!