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The most beloved
Humanoid Robot

The most beloved and advanced commercially available humanoid robot.

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Basic Capabilities

Dialog (TTS/ASR), Face Learning/Recognition, Environment Detection/Navigation, Posture Awareness/Self-Balancing/Fall-Protection/Self-Recovery from Falls, Fully Programmable, Fully Designable Animation, Object/Flashcard Detection, Internet Connectivity, and much more.

Robot Galaxy Kids NAO

Our NAOs come equipped with AXENAO, an expansive suite of apps and content including a versatile iPad remote control app, vastly expanded dialog capabilities, expanded APIs, lifestyle apps, songs, dances, stories, and much more.

Adorable Design

Perhaps its the irresistibly lovable face, the cute friendly voice, or the humanoid likeness… whatever it is, NAO is adored by adults and especially children from around the world. Used in schools, universities, research labs, care centers and many other places to entertain, educate, provide care, and bring smiles to young and old alike, NAO is sure to become your best friend!