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The World's First and
No. 1 Best Selling
3D Pen!

3Doodler Create is the newest model from the maker of the world's first 3D printing pen. The slimmest, lightest, strongest 3Doodler yet. Enhanced design, easy to manage, and improved drive system for quieter and smoother operation, and endless creation. Latest features also include simplified and intuitive controls, and a new ambient light bar.

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Safe & Clean

Uses our specially developed bioplastic. There are no hot parts. No messy resins or glue.

Easy to Use

Just turn it on, insert a strand and start Doodling anything you want in 3D, immediately.


Doodle anywhere! Charge it up and operate wirelessly. It works plugged in too.

Project Book

Comes with the 3Doodler Start Project Booklet to get you started on some cool stencils.

Limitless Fun

Create anything you like with 3Doodler Start. The fun is limited only by your imagination.

Think In 3D

3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building, and spatial understanding.


The latest and greatest version of 3Doodler! With significant refinements and improvements over its predecessor the 3Doodler 2.0, the 3Doodler CREATE gives you even smoother flow and stability.

A wide variety of materials and colors for all your creative needs! Three types of plastics: PLA, ABS, and Flexy 67 colors including translucent, sparkly and metallic colors


Now young children from ages 8 and up can 3Doodle!

  • Safe bioplastics
  • Non-toxic, no mess, just fun!
  • No hot parts!
  • Works wirelessly or plugged in
  • Comes with a fun project booklet and stencils

We are the exclusive distributor of 3Doodler, MAGFORMERS, Makey Makey and NAO in Thailand.
We’re always glad to hear from you! Give us a call at +66 (0) 97 158 9198, e-mail us at or add us on Line@: search @robotgalaxykids or scan here.

บริษัท Robot Galaxy Kids เป็นตัวแทนหลักในการจำหน่าย 3Doodler, MAGFORMERS, Makey Makey และ NAO ในประเทศไทย
เรายินดีรับฟังความคิดเห็นและคำแนะนำจากคุณ ติดต่อเราได้ที่ +66 (0) 97 158 9198 หรือส่งอีเมลมาที่
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