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UBTech Alpha 1S


Alpha 1S will be your favorite entertainment companion. Entertain or compete with your peers. Have the freedom to learn, program, and share your demonstrations, dances, yoga moves, and martial arts. Also Bluetooth all your hot music hits via your iPhone, Android, or PC. The Alpha 1S has the capability to move up to 180 degrees of rotation for maximum agility.

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Product Description

• A family fun robot
• Easy remote control, uploading and downloading via companion iOS and Android app
• 16 servo joints that move with high precision allowing Alpha 1S to perform complex actions with ease
• Simple connection via Bluetooth 4.0
• Visual programming for creating 3D actions that anyone can use with ease
• Shock resistant and tough
• Customize to your heart’s content with custom skins, stickers, and accessories

Alpha 1S’s 16 servo joints allows it to move in amazing and fun ways. These digital servos are engineered with a built-in MCU and sensory feedback system, and is self-controlled. This improves the flow of movement to be more precise. Alpha 1S’s robotic engines are made from advanced technology from UBTech’s robotics lab.
With its colorful LED lights, incredible moves, and easy to use remote control app Alpha 1S is sure to be a family favorite. With a tough shell and durable servo motors, Alpha 1S smoothly handles advanced moves like one-handed pushups and balancing on one foot.
Plenty of free preprogrammed dances and motions that can be downloaded directly to the remote control app and played right away. You’ll love watching Alpha 1S dancing to songs like Gangnam Style and The Way You Make Me Feel.
With the free download of UBTech’s 3D visual program, anyone can design custom movements for Alpha 1S. Versions for both PC and Mac are available. You can even upload your creations to share your joy with other Alpha 1S users around the world!

Product Information:
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Includes: Alpha 1S, charging adapter, USB cable, operating instructions, free downloadable control app for iOS or Android, free downloadable program for PC or Mac
Educational Focus: Basic Programming, Robot Animation, Music and Dance
Product Dimensions: 18″ x 7″ x 12”
Product Weight: 7.5 pounds
Shipping Weight: 7.5 pounds
Care and Cleaning: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Battery: 1 lithium ion battery (included)
Item Number: Alpha 1S
Imported from China

Additional Information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 45.7 x 17.8 x 30.5 cm
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