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The most beloved and advanced commercially available humanoid robot. Not only does NAO come equipped with powerful hardware components and versatile APIs, NAO is designed to be endearing, personable, and adored. NAO is being used for robotics and programming research, children’s education, specialized care, stage shows, business applications, social training for autistic children, home entertainment, the official robot of the annual RoboCup SPL, and much more. With over 9000 units sold, NAO is beloved worldwide. Exclusive for Robot Galaxy Kids customers, our NAOs come equipped with AXENAO, an expansive suite of apps and content including a versatile iPad remote control app, vastly expanded dialog capabilities, expanded APIs, lifestyle apps, songs, dances, stories, and much more.

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Product Description

Basic Capabilities
Dialog (TTS/ASR), Face Learning/Recognition, Environment Detection/Navigation, Posture Awareness/Self-Balancing/Fall-Protection/Self-Recovery from Falls, Fully Programmable, Fully Designable Animation, Object/Flashcard Detection, Internet Connectivity, and much more.

AXENAO Software
Included free exclusively for Robot Galaxy Kids customers. AXENAO includes:
• Connectivity: Robot to smart device connectivity supporting computers, iOS and Android smart devices, and multiple simultaneous connections. Easy Auto Search & Connect as well as direct IP address input.
• Speech: Over 5000 recognized sentences, voice control of movements/functions/animations/apps, and imbued personality
• Presentation Capability: Vibrant monologue or conversation, unlimited script length, and the ability to operate in noisy environments as well as without network connection
• Remote App: iOS, Android, and web-based options. Remote control motion, speech, animations, sounds, and apps.
• Expansive Content Library: Original and classic songs with dance animations, a wide variety of animated behaviors, jokes, quotes, story-telling, feature apps including mediation, rap, and sweet talk

Hardware Features
25 degrees of freedom, 2 HD Cameras, Array of 4 Microphones, 2 Infrared Emitters/Receivers, Sonar Rangefinder, 8 Pressure Sensors, 9 Tactile Sensors, Inertial Board, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, and more.

Compatible OS
Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Programming Languages
Naoqi, C++, Python, Java, MATLAB, Urbi, C, .Net

Adorable Design
Perhaps it’s the irresistibly lovable face, the cute friendly voice, or the humanoid likeness… whatever it is, NAO is adored by adults and especially children from around the world. Used in schools, universities, research labs, care centers and many other places to entertain, educate, provide care, and bring smiles to young and old alike, NAO is sure to become your best friend!
Product Information:
Includes: NAO robot, 48.6 Wh lithium battery, adapter, user manual
Educational Focus: Robotics, mechanics, programming, animation, language, creativity, critical thinking, remote technology
Product Height: 23″
Product Weight: 9.5 pounds
Shipping Weight: contact us for shipping information
Care and Cleaning: See included care instructions
Battery: 1 lithium battery (included)
Item Number: NAO
Imported from France

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