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The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is the ultimate invention toolbox. Motors, wheels, lights, switches, servos, buzzers even a remote control – snap it all together to spark creativity and fun. Want to invent a remote control race car? Do it. Create an automatic bubble blowing device? Go for it! Comes with 15 electronic building blocks, detailed instructions for 12 projects, and all the accessories and tools you need to unleash the inventor within.
Build Creative Confidence! Develop creative, design, and critical-thinking skills. Evolve the way you think with the littleBits cycle of invention: create > play > remix > share. Whether you use the instructions or build straight from your imagination, start creating something. Use it, improve it, experiment – then inspire others by showing the world what you’ve created.

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Product Description

• Unleash your inner inventor with this magnetically connecting electronic building blocks kit
• Multiple Award Winner
• Play with light, sound, sensing and buttons that are easy to snap together magnetically so no messy wiring, soldering or programming
• Includes 15 color-coded modules including the wireless transmitter/receiver bits, servo bit, and fan bit, as well as a variety of accessories and materials to take your ideas to invention
• Includes instruction book with 12 projects and hundreds more online
• Infinite possibilities! Join littleBits inventors around the world inventing new creations or giving everyday objects superpowers!
• Works with every other littleBits module and kit

Join a large global community of inventors and bringing your ideas to life has never been easier.
This multiple award winning toy was featured and highly reviewed by Time, The New York Times, Engadget, Tech Crunch, CNN, TED and more!

Product Information:
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Includes: 2 power bits, 2 slide dimmer bits, bar graph bit, light sensor bit, split wire connector bit, 2 DC motor bits, buzzer bit, servo & hub bit, fan bit, wireless transmitter bit, wireless receiver bit, 2 9V alkaline batteries, 2 battery cables, 2 powerSnap, ball caster, 2 mounting boards, mechanical arm, servo mount, 2 wheels, 8 brick adapters, 6 adhesive shoes, 6 hook & loop shoes, 3 Glue Dot® sheets, 2 motorMates, screwdriver, servo accessories, sticker sheet, 8 project templates, manual that includes bit description and user instructions
Educational Focus: Electronics,critical thinking, creativity, hands-on engineering
Product Dimensions: 12.2″ x 7.5″ x 3”
Product Weight: 2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Care and Cleaning: Wipe clean with a dry cloth
Battery: 1 9V alkaline battery (included)
Item Number: 680-0007-0000A
Imported from U.S.A.

Additional Information

Weight .91 kg
Dimensions 31 x 19.1 x 7.6 cm
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